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Women in Renewable Energy Uganda

We are Keen on Women

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Our Background

The Women in Renewable Energy Association (WREA) Uganda was started in 2018 and registered in 2019 with the aim of increasing women awareness and involvement in
the renewable energy sector. There are generally few technical women groups in the country and none in the renewable energy sector. There was therefore a need to create
a space where other women can be mentored and gain access to opportunities in the sector.
Different kinds of women exist in Uganda in the sector of renewable energies that even as the association we are keen to promote  different categories of women- consumers, investors and professionals.

The membership of WREAU is open to students, professionals in the sector as well as women actively working in the sector.

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Our Causes


This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference to the lives of many of the women involved.

Capacity Building

To foster a reduction in the male and female labour force, WREAU actively creates and provides platforms for the members to learn new skills in renewable energy practice and business development.


We like to encourage involvement of women living in the rural areas as much as possible


Every strong person grows with partners - We work with our partners to get training as well as to offer placement for our mentorship students

Male engagement

We can never experience equality unless we work hand in hand with both genders to close the gaps.


We aim to increase and encourage innovation in everything we do- be it design or service delivery

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